In last week’s blog, I gave you simple steps to teach kids how to write in response to factual, descriptive text.  Check that blog out here!

This week, I’m going to give you Part 2 of how to write in response to text!  This simple checklist for written response is especially helpful in supporting kids as they write in response to historical text.  But it’s certainly not limited to that!

How to Recount, in Writing, About an Event or Series of Events

  1. Write a Brief Background of Who, When and Where
  2. Describe the  important events in order in time order (the “time order” part is really important and distinguishes this type of written response from others!)
  3. End with a personal comment or narrative statement about the Event (this is not an opinion, per se, but a statement about how this event fits in with other events that the class has studied or a statement of analysis of the events)

This very simply checklist will help kids to get their quick recount down on paper as they prepare to write a longer historical report, for example.