I’d love to add you to my awesome group of insiders who have decided to do things differently in the classroom!

How do we do that?  Well, I send out my weekly 3-bullet newsletter (seriously…it’s 3 bullets…who’s got time for more?).

I share the things I’m thinking, reading and chatting about with my fellow teaching buddies.  It could be anything from a video demo I can’t stop watching, a resource I’ve created with a client that I think could really help you or a brand-new planner that is changing how I organize myself!

Think of it as a weekly chat with a really great teaching friend!

What’s really exciting is that people have really been loving this short-form weekly communication – in fact our email “open” rates are four times of a regular ol’ newsletter.  I love sharing with you the best of the best in the education world – so let’s do this!