Plain Talk 2016 Video from Jill!


How QUICKLY time flies, right?  I am determined every year to not lose sight of all of the inspiring, challenging, interesting, different, refining things that I learn each year.  What a gift that conference is to me each year at Plain Talk!  I get to meet with my people (everyone there just GETS IT, right?), I get to learn new things and I get to just get better at the work that I get to do.  What’s better than that?

One of the challenges that I have is trying to steer clear of getting stuck in the real-life stuff that happens the second I get home from the conference…can you relate?  So…I recorded a little update video just for you.  I hope that it serves as a little pick-me-up, a little  Plain Talk review and a little update from me to you!

Check it out…