Your sense of humor is absolutely your number one teaching tool. It WILL make you a better teacher! 

So how do you hang on to humor when things get tough? And why is humor going to make you a better teacher?

  1. Mastery is not finicky, and it is going to take time to develop. So have fun and enjoy your teaching while you’re waiting for mastery to happen – even when things go wrong, especially when things go wrong!
  1. When you are teaching, realize that this very moment is one part of multiple moments that you are going to create that will lead to mastery for kids. So don’t stress if they don’t get it right away! Take a breath, lighten up in the moment and have fun!
  1. The last reason why I want you to hang onto and develop your sense of humor is because we are trying to teach our kids to be resilient. There are ups and downs and teaching, no doubt, but you are modeling for your kids how to be resilient, and we do that by keeping our sense of humor, despite it all.

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