It’s that time.  Yep, September 18th.  You know, you’re about a month into the school year and you’re already…well…FRIED!

I sometimes call it frazzled.

Or just plain ol’ freaked out!

You’re probably overwhelmed by the Common Core.  You might be frazzled by the new teacher evaluation system in your state.  You’re possibly freaked out by just HOW FAR you have to bring your kids by the end of the year.

I can relate.

But when you’re feeling freaked out, frazzled or fried, I want you to remember this:

  1. Teaching matters
  2. Teaching works wonders
  3. Teaching is the one thing in our control
  4. Teaching is what makes a difference
  5. Teaching gets your mind off of frazzled, fried and freaked out

So, when in doubt…TEACH.