Here’s a question that I get at least once a week: Should coaching be mandatory for all teachers in the school?

My emphatic answer to that is always absolutely YES!

There are a lot of reasons for that, but it’s mainly because if we have teachers receiving coaching, they are becoming better, more skilled, efficient, and effective teachers. 

How? You might wonder.

Because with coaching, teachers are able to see their classroom from a balcony view. When a coach is in the classroom, they aren’t getting lost in the details and can take a step back and see the big picture – and teachers are able to implement changes that will create the biggest impact.

When a teacher is busy teaching, they need somebody else in their classroom looking and watching for things that need changing or reworking.

  • A coach stands with the teacher and can say things like: “Hey, this is what I’m seeing while you’re teaching.” There is no way to figure that out unless somebody else is watching you or you watch yourself on video.
  • Also, we should be practicing what we preach! We expect every student to be corrected and coached through learning, why wouldn’t we model and go through that same process as teachers?
  • Lastly, it gives teachers the opportunity for reflection! The BEST teachers, the ones who get results over and over, year after year, even in pandemics and with the “difficult class,” are the ones who are constantly reflecting on their practice. 

For more help and tips on how to work with teachers as a coach or how to be coached please look at these books:

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