I’ve always been bowled over by kids’ statements of thankfulness…enjoy…and be thankful.


“I’m thankful that I love everyone in our family and that they love me too.” — Lizzy, age 8

“I’m thankful for my mommy, my daddy, my sister, my brothers and horses.” — Emily, age 9

“I’m thankful for everything good — and bad — that has ever happened to me. The good makes the bad okay and the bad isn’t really bad because there’s so much good. So, maybe I’m really just thankful for the good since there isn’t really any bad. Ugh, I’ve confused myself. I’ll just say I’m thankful for my sister’s rock moves.” — Kenzie, age 9

“I’m thankful to be in this world.” — Alak, age 9

“I’m thankful for the doctor who fixed my heart.” — Jillian, age 12

“I’m thankful for the USA, family and summer.” — Ava, age 9

“I’m thankful for my family and Thanksgiving feasts.” — Peyton, age 5

“I’m thankful for Beyblades and cookies.” — Hunter, age 9

“I’m thankful for Fridays because I don’t have to do any homework.” — Steven, age 10