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  • Is this my first, second or third read? (If it’s a first read, then I need to ask questions about who/what/where/when/why/how.  If it’s a second read, then I need to focus my questioning on how the author crafted the text.  If it’s a third read, then I need to focus on analysis and how this text relates to other text I’ve read on the topic)
  • What standard(s) am I teaching? (This will help me figure out what language I’m using and what content my questions should focus on.)
  • What language do I want students to use in their response? (Academic language, technical terms, prompts and phrasing)
  • What kind of prompt should I give so that I ensure that students use complete sentences in their response? (For example, “Using a complete sentence and the term “x”, respond to this question…”)
  • What type of evidence from the text am I expecting students to give? (Do I want them to cite the text and give vivid examples from a passage or the text overall?)
  • Do I want students to respond verbally or in writing?
  • Does the question in the curriculum work?  Do I need to adjust?  Do I need to start from scratch? (Tip: Instead of crafting questions from the ground up, go to your curriculum and improve the quality of what’s there already – it is more time effecient!)