“I attended two of your presentations at Plain Talk and you were  phenomenal!  I was sharing the handout from your  Leaders! Session with our Area Coordinator for Curriculum and Instruction today and we were wondering if you would provide us with a link/title/source for the Depth of Knowledge charts that were in your presentation.  We have not seen a chart that lists the complexity, verbs, and evidence/tasks in this manner.” – Kathy M.

“Hi Jill! I received your “gift” today @ school… can’t wait to read it!  Thank you!!  I get so many good tidbits from the things you post, particularly the recent coaching “open your eyes.”  I marched in the next morning & got some observations rolling that had been put off!  Thanks for the nudge!” – Jodi R.

“Hi Jill,  Great webinar. I get such a kick listening to you and I always learn. Great useful and understandable content.”  – Michael H.

“This was so informative.  I had a couple of light bulb moments with:  using verbs in the standards to find the level on Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, having a unified “agreed upon rules for discussions” for SL 1.1, and looking at the standard as a rubric.  We are already implementing CCSS fully this year using units and its been very successful.  Your idea for the 3 column chart and using a calendar to plan when to teach the standards should be our next step to make sure we are fully teaching each standard.  Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I can’t wait to debrief with my peers when we meet this afternoon.” – Lori C.

“Jill,  just wanted to say WOW!! Thank you for your knowledge and helping me understand how to help the teachers I work with to understand how CCSS so easily.  I really learned so much from you not only at Plain Talk, but also through the webinars you give.  
 I was able to print the PDF file: 100 Text Dependent Questions.  THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!” – Maria G.

“I wish that I had a fraction of your knowledge!!!  I learn so much every time you speak.” – Annette M.

“I just watched Jill’s free webinar on Common CCSS Errors.  Her advice was practical, doable, and on-target.  Jill’s advice is always useful and humorous.  I leave Jill’s sessions, whether at a conference of in a webinar,  knowing that I can take what she says and make a difference with teachers.  Thank you, Jill, for sharing.” – Linda F

“The greatest take away I have gotten from the Common Core Coaching Upgrade class was to have my teachers really “focus” on the standards.  We have spent several staff meetings really looking at the different standards and digging deep to determine what they are looking for and what our students would need to know to gain mastery of a particular standard.   Thank you for offering these classes. I always gain so much more clarity after participating in your classes and it makes the “Common Core Standards” not quite so intimidating for me and my staff.” – Sandy S.

“The CC Coaching Upgrade class is a game changer. Each session built a more concrete understanding of the Common Core and provided a super practical set of action items for moving my school and teachers through next steps. I will return to this content again and again as I plan PDs and update my own list of ways to prepare for the CCSS.” – Stephanie B.