Here are some quick bites from Jill’s training participants:

“Jill is a master at saying difficult things to individuals. In the beginning, the coaches all felt they were expert teachers who understood the craft of teaching. Through observations and data, Jill was able to help them discover their own weaknesses and gave them a desire to improve. Coaches looked forward to the monthly meetings with Jill. Although the coaches were not always comfortable at the introspective process, they felt they were better teachers because of it.”


“Jill was full of energy and it helped make the information more interesting!”


“Ms. Jackson is an enthusiastic speaker, I enjoy her classes!”


“I got some great ideas from Jill about which parts of the curriculum are most suitable for differentiating.  I also feel more comfortable making changes and have specific ideas about things I can try right away.”


“This training has given me new ideas and the “how to” for implementing these ideas.”


“Thanks Jill for supporting, clarifying and enhancing the literacy issues we are having in our building.  The shift from “it’s the kids’ responsibility” to “we must teach them” is huge!”


“Great workshop!  The knowledge and energy Jill brings to us is amazing!”


“Jill was a great model for engaging, setting the purpose and results reflection.”


“I absolutely LOVE the way you taught us summary.  Jill reinforced the beliefs I have about the teaching of literacy!”