1. Teacher Store – Bad things happen there when you haven’t been paid in 2 months.  And, by the way, you don’t need another border.
  2. The Library – You don’t need parents seeing you check out the latest saga by Jackie Collins or Danielle Steele’s fluffy romance.  They need to think you’re pouring over the research.
  3. Pinterest – Stop beating yourself up for not making your own table group decorations out of straw, pipe cleaners and toothpaste and alphabetizing your sticker collection.
  4. The Movies, the Grocery Store, Target or Anywhere Students From Your School Might Be – Admit it, you love your students.  But you love them just a little less when you’re trying to run into the store in your pajama bottoms, no makeup (sorry, guys!) and a rat’s nest for a hair-do.  Plus they stare at you when they see you in public, don’t they?  You don’t need to be on exhibit during the summer!  That’s what the school year is for!
  5. Wearing a Bathing Suit Within a 60 Mile Radius of your School District – Just Don’t!  It’s jarring for everyone involved for multiple reasons.

Happy Summer!