blog 3 hacksI do a lot of reading related to my business and to teaching teachers…and one of the things I’ve really learned a lot about recently (and that has rocked my WORLD) in terms of how I get things done is productivity.  More specifically, getting the right things done in the least amount of time.

When I first started reading all about productivity, I kind of thought it was for people looking to cop-out of the good work that we do.  But I’ve come to realize (because I’ve tried it for myself!) that productivity hacks and tricks to help us focus on the right thing at the right time allows us to do MORE of the work that only we can do.  In our case: TEACHING!

I find myself inundated with tasks, reminders, emails and to-do lists that regularly fly in the face of the most important thing I do: TEACH.  Do you find that?

I mean, I could have a second job of just the things that come through in email each week that have nothing to do with, you guessed it: TEACHING!

My point is, I think it’s high time all of us teacher types started looking at the tasks that we get across our desks each day and really analyze how and when we deal with them.  You are the ONLY ONE who can teach your kids, but are you the only one who can input grades in the grading system or format the next newsletter or create the seating charts?

Take a look at a very simple infographic I created with the most important teacher productivity hacks that I’ve ever used.  They are tried and true…by yours truly!

3 Teacher Hacks(1)