I’m getting ready to leave on a trip to Paris (yay!) in just over a week now and for some reason have been thinking a lot about teaching and why I do it. For all it’s frustrations, struggles, bonehead moves and bad press, I still know I chose the right career for me! I knew I wanted to be a teacher forever…well, I thought for awhile I wanted to be a pediatrician but I really am super squeamish and, well, that’s not going to work in the ER!

So teaching it was! And is! But I’m obsessed with the idea that some people feel “stuck” in teaching. I’m certainly not going to say that there aren’t a lot of “ugh” moments in our profession – what professional doesn’t have those moments? But what I do know is that those people who make it a priority to be happy and content in their jobs…are just that! So, I think it’s important to get back to why we teach. Here are my “whys” – what are yours?

I teach:
…because it matters to kids
…because it’s a challenge
…because I believe kids can do anything we teach them to do
…because I can be creative while I’m doing it
…because I have more control than in any other job I can think of
…because if I don’t like what I did yesterday, I have the power to change today
…because kids are funny
…because even though I don’t always wake up thinking “I’m changing kids’ lives today!”, I am
…because when I get it right, I get immediate feedback
…because when I get it wrong, I get immediate feedback
…because kids are funny (did a mention that already?)
…because anyone can learn
…because research backs us on what works, so we aren’t in the dark
…because I constantly get updated training
…because when I’m alone in my classroom with my kids, I’m really content
…because I can play fake air guitar and kids think it’s real
…because kids laugh at me in embarrassment when they see my carrying my purse
…because my kindergarteners thought I lived in the classroom and didn’t know why I needed a car
…because it’s secure
…because parents really do want what’s best for their kids and I can be a part of helping them figure that out

Why do you teach?