Great Resource! Planning and Differentiating Instruction

Great Resource! Planning and Differentiating Instruction

Great Resource

The University of Oregon’s Reading First website is an absolute MUST READ for literacy resources, support and dependable tools. Check out this link – I highly recommend the resource Instructional Implications: Interpreting Student Performance Data. It’s great!

Leaked From Our Private Coaching Circle! Prioritizing Vocabulary for Maximized Impact

Oops! We had a leak in the roof…and this video slipped from our paid inner coaching circle to YOU! For FREE!

In this "shot in the wild" video I discuss how to choose the vocabulary words you teach very very carefully – it’s not about teaching "the list", but about teaching the words that will have high impact on comprehending the passage or text.

Out with those really frustrating words to memorize and memorized-and-then-forgotten vocabulary tests…let’s work together to choose fewer words more carefully and then see the text comprehension SOAR! Here’s your job:

1. Take a look at the video

2. Write down3 "a-has" as you watch

3. Come back and post the "a-has" right here in the comments

Happy watching!

If you are interested in joining us in our private coaching circle, please check out this link and you can join INSTANTLY! There are tons of videos and comments from me AND like-minded professionals just like you waiting! jackson-consulting.com/online-products-services/at-the-blackboard-with-jill-coaching-circle

Great Free Parent Brochure on Reading Aloud to Your Children

I love reading Reading Rockets (if you haven’t subscribed…go do it now…free, timely and a quick read).

I was led to a great parent brochure via their website and I thought I’d share. Here’s the link to a Guide to Reading Aloud.

You can print it and send it home tonight!

Free Decodable Text – Yeah!

I found FREE decodable text online here. While it’s no match for decodable text from a scope and sequenced program, this is a great resource to visit in a pinch! I’ve already used it to design a small group power phonics lesson for a third grade group of struggling decoders. What I appreciate about the text is that you can choose from fiction or non-fiction and also include the illustrations or not. I’m a fan!