Okay so we’re to our final step in perfecting Close Reading – this is our last portion of the Close Read Checklist! If you haven’t yet, grab Close Read 1 and Close Read 2 right here!

This last step in the Close Read habit is focusing on students making connections between different forms of media and text.  While they’ll still stick closely to the text (and remain text dependent), they’ll branch out and make connections and even greater degrees of inference!

Here are your planning steps for Close Read 3…

Close Read 3 – Elementary

____Students are engaged in a combination of media and text or paired text to understand and analyze what they know
____Teachers use text-based questions to facilitate discussion that addresses how the text connects to his/her life and views and how the text connects to other texts
____RI.7 Focus: Use and analyze various forms of media and its effect on the meaning of the text
____RI.8 Focus: Understand and analyze the line of thinking in an argument
____RI.9 Focus: Assess and analyze two similar forms of text
____Teacher provides a collaborative activity for students to demonstrate their understanding both orally and through writing

Close Read 3 – Secondary

____Questions posed were text-based questions that required the reader to address the integration of knowledge and ideas of the text (RI & RL Standards 7-9).
____The whole or partial text used for the third read was necessary for comparison of text to other mediums addressing the same subject or ideas.
____RI.7 Focus: Ask and answer questions, analyze the account in the text with accounts of the subject told in different mediums
____RI.8 Focus: Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in the text, assessing that reasoning is valid and the evidence is relevant and sufficient
____RI.9 Focus: Analyze how two or more texts address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge
____Students discuss the text with others using academic vocabulary and the text as evidence
____Students can evaluate intricate arguments identifying false statements and fallacious reasoning
____Teacher redirects students back to the text when answering questions and discussing the text

Grab all of the Close Reading Steps Here and Here!