Six Steps to Aligning Your Reading Program to the Common Core

6-steps-for-realigning-reading-program_FINAL_300pxEvery month I hold a class for our VIPs. 
The monthly focus is typically on a hot topic based upon feedback from actual
teachers, coaches and principals and Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Back a few months ago, I ran a very successful and highly attended VIP class on how to align your core reading program to the Common Core Standards called “Six Steps for Aligning Your Reading Program to the Common Core.”

So many folks said, “Wait a minute – – I missed it!  I need to hear that information!”  So, I’ve decided to release it…to you, too!
On this audio workshop, I lay out the 6 Steps for Aligning Your Core Program to the Common Core – I give lots of insider’s tips and how-tos for each step:

  • Step 1:  The Reading Foundational Standards are inefficient…keep your “learning to read” program
  • Step 2:  Check the informational/literature ratio and make adjustments
  • Step 3:  80-90% of the Standards are underpinned by text dependency…teach it and plan for it
  • Step 4:  Switch from just ‘responding’ to actual ‘discussion’
  • Step 5: Explicitly teach students to analyze…it’s the crux of so many RI and RL Standards
  • Step 6: Specifically align your program assessments to mirror PARCC and Smarter Balanced in three different ways

Here’s the good news…I don’t just tell you what to do, I SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT.

I also answer Live Questions on the call…you’ll hear my answers to those “real life” questions at the end of the audio workshop recording!

So here’s what I suggest you do right now:

  • Grab your free copy of the audio workshop by completing the form below
  • When you receive the confirmation email, click the link for the audio
  • Press play on the audio while you’re cleaning your office, answering emails, working on a project
  • Just listen!