Well, it is no secret to my friends and family how much of a podcast junkie I am!  I listen to them while I’m putting on my makeup, when I’m walking to the car, when I’m in the shower (just a little obsessed you could say!) and just about anywhere else.

One of the things I love the most about podcasts, I’ve realized is a rapid-fire Q & A.  I mean, I love the deep stuff, but as a never-reformed-reality-TV-junkie, I’m really interested in the nitty gritty of people’s lives!  I feel like Q & A rapid-fires give little non-edited insights into real life.

Soooooo…I’m not starting a podcast.  After all, as I type this, I have no voice – laryngitis has struck!  So podcasting seems like a pipe dream at the moment!  But, I’m going to do a little mini-series on some questions I’d like to ask in a rapid-fire question of people I would have on my podcast…um…if I had one!

I decided to start by answering the questions myself.  This is a no-overthinking zone, just imagine it as dropping into a conversation in the staff room – no editing of ideas allowed!

Question #1 is this: If I had a personal assistant in the classroom each day, the top three things I would have her do are…

Answer: Oh my gosh – a personal assistant in the classroom!  BEST IDEA EVER!  Here are the things I would have the assistant do every day:

  1. Grade papers and give me an analysis of the most common errors so I would know what to reteach the next day.
  2. Put away all of the stuff at the end of the day and get the stuff laid out for the next day in super tidy bins.
  3. Go and get a fresh lunch for me every day and have it ready at the staff room when I got there. Oh, and a cold iced tea and linen napkin.  (I mean why not?)