I received an email from a client and colleague of mine from Minot, North Dakota that compelled me to share the information with you as well. Read an excerpt from her email below:

I thought of you and had to take a minute to write about our situation in Minot. I am sure you have heard of the flooding in Minot with over 12,000 people displaced. Well, I am sorry to say that it also included our school. Ramstad is totally flooded (to the roof) and school administrators are currently looking for a Plan B. Apparently they managed to save some textbooks, most computers and electronics and the band instruments–oh, and also most of the books from the library…everything else is gone.  I don’t know why I felt the need to share this dismal news with you but just thought you could remember our school in your thoughts and prayers. MANY of our students (and staff) lost their homes and the security of a familiar school all in one day! We need as much support as we can gather. Thanks much.

It’s important to support one another – keep Ramstad School and the folks in Minot, North Dakota in your thoughts…