First off, you should know this…

Our ideal client is the if-you-don’t-get-better-scores-we-are-going-to-fire-people-because-you’re-always-in-the-lowest-performing-group-in-our-district kind of PreK-12 principal, coach and teacher who is ready for a change, rarin’ to take advice and still believes that it takes more than a “we love kids!” attitude to improve the scores.

Let’s be real, we ALL love kids (and if you don’t, then keep that a secret).  The question is, do we love them enough  to sharpen our teaching skills, take advice from others who might have perspectives other than our own, do what the research proves works…and change long-term habits that aren’t serving our kids well?   Because here’s what I know: there are lots of people who love kids and those kids are performing well below the benchmark.  That doesn’t sound like love to me, does it to you?

Now, if you work in one of those high falutin’ we-make-AYP-and-get-great-scores kinds of schools, we’ll still welcome you here, but you’ll have to listen to our “you don’t know MY school” kind of stories…feel free to roll your eyes, we know it gets a bit annoying, but it’s just a fact of nature.

Really though, my hope is that all who gather here seek to do one thing: teach like your hair’s on fire so that when you are exhausted at the end of the day and it’s time to head home, you think “nice job, you did everything in your power and with your power to teach these kids”.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Our most successful clients are those who allow us to lead them, correct them and encourage them in a new way of doing business.

Their success is commensurate with their follow through.

With that said, we have some good news to share!

Here are samples of some of our clients’ results –  they didn’t wait around for an easy fix, THEY took what they had, sought expert advice, followed a plan…and success happened!

This JUST IN from Park View Elementary School (April 2014) in Cleveland, TN

Park View Data_april 2014

Taos Day School in New Mexico – June 2014

Congratulations to the Taos Day School students and staff! WOW, we made AYP! I repeat we made AYP in 2013/2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington Elementary School in Wyoming – January 2014

  • K  fall 29% to winter 55%
  • 1st  fall 59% to  winter 70%
  • 2nd  fall 39% to  winter 56%
  • 3rd  fall 58% to  winter 72%
  • 4th fall 54% to  winter 77%

“We are very excited and proud of the growth. The entire Washington Staff has put forth a great amount of effort, work and dedication to their kids and to each other. We are looking forward to the next semester of work and continuing to move students.

Lynda has been great to work with over the past semester. Her focus and direction have been impactful in our growth!”

Anne Marie Covey, Principal

Lakevue Elementary School in Idaho – January 2014

I have wanted to share the great news!!! Desert Springs and Lakevue Elementary got Distinguished School awards 2011-12 Lakevue National Title 1 Distinguished School 2011-12  ( We have done a lot in 4 years) Thought you might want to hear the success in Vallivue.

Leeta Hobbs, Principal

Sweetwater County School District #1/Rock Springs, WY – 2011-2012 Results (Year One Implementation)

District Kindergarten DIBELS Results

  • The largest gains were in FSF. 30% more students made the benchmark goal from Fall to Winter (44%-74%) in 2011-12. This is a 10% increase in the amount of students reaching benchmark goals from 2010-11 (50%-70%)
  • The number of students in the “well below” benchmark range decreased by 36% in 2011-12 (46%-10%)!
  • Students making adequate progress increased in each measure as well:
  • Total AYP on LNF up 3.5%
  • Total AYP on FSF up 10%
  • Total AYP on PSF up 13%
  • Total AYP on NWF – CLS up 11.5%

District 2nd Grade Results

  • 6% increase of students reaching benchmark goals. Up from only .4 increase for 2010-11.nd Grade Results

District 3rd Grade Results

  • 7% increase of students reaching benchmark goals. Up from a 6% increase for 2010-11.
  • Decreased the amount of students well below benchmark by 10%

District 4th Grade Results

  • 16% increase of students reaching benchmark goals
  • Decreased the amount of students well below benchmark by 15%
  • 20% of intensive students made adequate progress up from 15% last year

Around the District Results, 4th Grade

  • Sage Elementary increased the amount “Proficient” or “Advanced” from 70% (2010-11) to 81% (2011-12) … 11% increase and they decreased the amount of “Below Basic” or “Basic” from 30% (2010-11) to 19% (2011-12) … 11% decrease.
  • Overland increased their average MAP RIT score from 661 to 674 … 13 points
  • Northpark increased their average MAP RIT score from 621 to 643 … 22 points

Around the District Results, 3rd Grade

  • Overland Elementary increased the amount “Proficient” or “Advanced” from 53% (2010-11) to 67% (2011-12) … 12% increase and they decreased the amount of “Below Basic” or “Basic” from 47% (2010-11) to 33% (2011-12) … 14% decrease and increased their average RIT score from 586 to 598 … 12 points.
  • Overland increased their average MAP RIT score from 661 to 674 … 13 points
  • Northpark increased their average MAP RIT score from 621 to 643 … 22 points

Wall Elementary School/Wall, SD           

  • Selected as a 2011 National Title I Distinguished School.  Kudos to Chuck Sykora and his team!

University Park Elementary School/Casper, WY

  • UP has made AYP in all years since 2005, honored as a National Title 1 School in 2009 and National Blue Ribbon School in 2011

Minico High School/Minidoka, ID

  • Given the Distinguished Schools Award of 2011 which is bestowed only upon schools that have made AYP two consecutive years and the top 5% of schools that have reduced gaps in sub-populations.  Minico High School was one of only 12 schools to receive this honor across the state.
  • They were also awarded New School Status, given only to schools that have demonstrated significant improvement in student achievement.  We are honored to work with Dan Rogers and his team!

Taos Day School, NM

  • Received ‘Benchmarks and Beyond’ School-of-the-Year award by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)._____

Southridge Elementary School/Casper, WY

  • Rick Skatula, was named Wyoming’s 2011 Distinguished Principal. The award recognizes public and private school principals who make superior contributions to their schools and communities.    Wow Rick – it’s no surprise to those who know you, but we are so proud!

Morehouse and Southeast Elementary Schools/Sikeston, MO

  • We congratulate both of these schools for making AYP for the first time!  Lots of hard work and a great job guys!

Grant Elementary, Willard Elementary, Southridge Elementary, Casper, WY

  • Congrats on making AYP again this year – your ability to sustain your efforts in the face of limited funding and decreasing support is awesome!

Vallivue Schools/ Caldwell, ID

  • West Canyon’s students improved 16.4%. Their Hispanic population grew 28.6%. Their economically disadvantaged group grew 21.03%!  Woo hoo!
  • East Canyon’s students improved 18.51%, the Hispanic population grew 30.65%, and the economically disadvantaged group grew 25.82%!  Yee Haw!
  • East Middle School Hispanic students grew 17.05%, and the economically disadvantaged group grew 14.26%! Yes! Yes!

Andes Elementary School/Lake Andes, SD<

  • In 2011-2012, Kindergarten kids went from 12% on benchmark on First Sound Fluency in the Fall to 82% on benchmark in the Winter!
  • Kindergarten kids went from 34% of kids on benchmark on Nonsense Word Fluency to 72%!
  • 1st graders went from 26% to 90% on benchmark from Fall to Winter on Letter Naming Fluency!
  • 1st grade teachers reduced the intensive students by 20% from January to March!
  • 2nd graders improved their MAZE (comprehension) scores by 34% from Fall to Winter!
  • 3rd graders reduced the number of Intensive students on R-CBM by 24% from Fall to March testing dates!
  • 4th grade teachers reduced the number of Intensive students on R-CBM by 40% between Fall and March testing dates!

New Madrid Elementary School, New Madrid, MO

Century Elementary School, Grafton, SD

Albany County School District #1, Beitel Elementary School, Laramie, WY

Albany County School District #1, Linford Elementary School, Laramie, WY