I’m prepping for a conference tomorrow in Salt Lake City and I wanted to share some quick-starts for getting the show on the road during your coaching – I’ll be sharing these with the coaches in my conference group!

The great thing about the coaching cycles (see other posts about coaching for the full scoop!) is that once you start, you’re on your way and you never have to “start” again…the cycle takes over!

So, let’s get over our fear of how to talk to teachers – they’re really reasonable and mostly on-board with the coaching work.  Take a minute to read this and map out TWO CONVERSATIONS you will start today!  Not tomorrow…today, I say!

  • “You know, as I was reviewing our school data I notice that your department was struggling with helping the kids master the vocabulary portion of the weekly assessment.  Talk to me about that.  Did you notice that?  Why do you think that is, where can we start to work on that?”
  • “Tell me, what are the things you said you picked up from our math training on Thursday.  How can I support you in getting started on that?”
  • “I was working with the seventh grade English teachers on getting students to respond in writing to an open-ended prompt – would that be something we could work on in your English class?”
  • “Hey, I wanted to follow up with you on our last team meeting.  How is your pre-teaching of the vocabulary to the English Language Learners going?  Are you seeing improvement in their comprehension of the text?”

So…who are the two people you need to talk to today?