I received this question from a Facebook principal friend of mine:  Hey Jill! I’m a  principal who is about to embark on a new adventure with my staff. My hope is to create an atmosphere of professional growth from peer observations, feedback and administrative observations. I’m going to begin with a staff meeting that shows where we have some improvement needs. Any suggestions or words of wisdom before I roll this out?

Here was my response: My best advice is to give very specific examples of what needs changing and why. Bad example: We need to be more collaborative. Good example: We need to stop correcting papers and having side convos during our team meetings. Instead, I would like you to take notes in your team notebook and rotate the team lead responsibilities every week so that we use our time wisely and are on the same page with implementing new ideas. When you want them to stop doing something, be sure to give them a behavior to replace it with. Break a leg!