Do you ever feel like you’re living in the movie Groundhog Day – like every day is nearly the same as your last?

If so, it might be that you are living in perpetual admiration of the problems at hand: class sizes too big, not enough planning time, need more aides for support, too many responsibilities, interventions not powerful enough, not enough time…and…on…and…on.

The problem with this existence (besides it being very boring!) is that we end up resolved that our school-related problems are never going to be solved and that it’s a futile effort in even attempting to solve our problems because they’ve been our problems for so darn long.

Ask yourself: Are the problems that I regularly try to solve the same problems I’ve been trying to solve forever?

If your answer is “Yes”, then it’s time for some analysis of the problems at hand:

  • Am I getting at the root of the problem or solving a part of the problem?
  • Is this a problem I can solve or do I need to work around it and live with it?
  • Am I blaming or taking responsibility for my contribution to the problem?
  • Am I getting something from keeping this as a problem?
  • Do I really think it is a problem or have I gotten into the happen of crabbing about it?

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