Question: Do you have anything in your “toolbox” that would help a district to select their in-house coach.  What are the characteristics they should or shouldn’t look for?

My Answer:

  • Excellent, clear communicator
  • Highly skilled and disciplined teacher
  • Superb classroom manager
  • Quick learner
  • Very organized and can keep a detailed calendar
  • Highly relational
  • Does not give up on things or people when the going gets rough
  • Able to read social situations and people (this is crucial and often overlooked)
  • Has boundaries and is not afraid to say no

I used to give a list of tangible, skill driven things that the coach had to be able to do.  A lot of it was content driven and about what they “knew” not just who they “were.”  I think this is a really big mistake, which is why I have changed my tune!  This list shows the type of person who is likely to be a successful coach…the rest can be learned!