Principals, this one’s for you!

The number one reason I find that teachers don’t trust principals is they know, or they perceive, that the principal doesn’t know the content. 

So principals, if you’re trying to figure out how you can strengthen or build trust between you and your teachers, you need to be on a mission to master the content that your teachers have to deliver in class. You need to be able to talk to them at their level about what interests them. 

Here’s how I encourage you to do that: 

  1. When you attend professional development, TURN OFF your phone! Stop hopping up and down to put out fires and stay present.
  1. Engage in the professional development. Commit to going as if you’re an eighth grade teacher, or sit with your fourth grade team literally put yourself in the seat of a fourth grade teacher. 
  1. Use the language of that professional development with the teachers to build trust and credibility. 

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