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Jill Jackson Announces Brand New ESSA Aligned Telecast Event

Your vision.  Your school leadership teams.  A whole new opportunity.


Los Angeles, CALIF. (May 29, 2019) – On September 5-6, 2019, Jill Jackson will present her How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything telecast for principals, instructional coaches, mentor teachers and school team leaders.  This live event will come from Los Angeles in HD to 40 host sites in North America.

From Jill to Assistant Superintendents and Curriculum Directors:

The key is to develop a team of highly skilled school level leaders and coaches who become transporters of your big ideas and vision back at the school sites. 

Imagine that this team is armed with the mission (your mission!) and they have such skill in working with their teaching staff that they literally become a pipeline from you all the way to the classroom teachers.”

This training event is not about building buy-in, waiting-to-be-invited-into-the-classrooms or using fancy questioning techniques to try to get teachers to solve their own problems. In order to get fast results, the coaching model has to be incredibly simple.

Jill’s How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything live event teaches your team to operate quickly and simply.

It felt engaging because we could interact with Jill more regularly than we would be able to if we were participants in a large-group training.

-Assistant Superintendent in Washington

Thanks for this coaching model!  Thanks for reminding us that although we love our calendars and our planning, we have to quit with the planning and go get started!!!  I hear your voice in my head every time I get out my colored pens and sticky notes and try to overcomplicate things!

– Instructional Coach in Louisiana

Jill is awesome!  Her practical take on addressing teacher needs is helping us to chip away at larger problems in order to improve the school as a whole.

-Instructional Coach in Michigan


Host site sign-ups are now open.


Jill Jackson is the author of six books for leaders, coaches and teachers and is a frequent key note speaker.  She is known for her real talk practicality as she serves districts and schools in 33 states.


Contact: Michael Jackson

Phone: (626) 825-0134