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September 14, 2013

Pasadena, CA


You know, I just got home from a trip and on the plane ride home, got to thinking about how so many of our clients (including the one we just visited) struggle with the same thing: keeping the main thing the main thing.  They know what they should be doing and even have most of the tools they need in order to get the job done.  The problem isn’t the knowledge, typically – it’s the focus and the structure of getting the work done!

Can you relate?  If so, do me a favor…

Put a check next to anything that feels familiar:

__  Overwhelmed by the 100th school improvement plan of the year
__  Too many plans and so little time
__  A zillion different instructional focus areas to increase the scores
__  Never enough time to finish the plan, let alone monitor it
__  A whole bunch of “shoulda woulda coulda”- type thoughts around getting into the classrooms and observing instruction
__  Frustrated staff that can’t figure out what they should be working on
__  Feeling like you’re being hit over the head with the scores and not having the energy or time to fix things
__  Intending to get into the classrooms, look at the data and stay the course, but finding yourself all over the place

So…if you checked one or more of the items above, I can help.

Let me let you in on a really big secret about that higher-performing school in the next town: they don’t have “better” parents and kids, they don’t have a “better trained” teaching staff, they don’t have “more time” and they don’t even have “better materials,” in most cases.  But what they do have is focus.  And they have a plan.

The real deal is this: Schools that get great results with their kids, spend more time on the teaching – both in and out of the classroom.  They create time for collaboration, preparation and planning, coaching and feedback by having a plan and sticking with it.  Yes, I said it: they CREATE time.

Now you might be thinking, “Now Jill, you have NO IDEA how many plans we have to get done – we can’t possibly create more time!  We’ve got our school improvement plan that has 15 points that we’ve got to master.  We’ve got our district plan that has at least 10 points to master.  And just yesterday, we heard that the state needs a math plan that has another 8 points to master.  And all of this and we’re only in October!”

While all of that is true, I bet if you were to take each item on your school improvement plan, district plan and math plan, they would boil down to 3-4 steps that, if put into place habitually across your campus, would result in 100% mastery of all of the points on your plans.  In fact, I’ve done this exact thing with our clients a zillion times and what they find is that, yes, ALL of their plans come down to mastering the same 3-4 things!

So, the question is, what are those 3-4 things and how do we create a plan that allows us to simultaneously accomplish items on all of our plans AND raise the scores at the same time?

Earlier in 2013, I invited a group of our very special clients to participate in a session I called “Hit the ‘Easy Button’ and Get on With Your Summer Vacation!  Your 2013-2014 Instructional Planning Session.”  The goal of this private class was to walk our VIPs through a process of how to determine their instructional focus so that, if they were to master that focus, they would have MAJOR impact on the quality of instruction and the performance of their kids.

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013Here’s what the VIPs emailed us about the class:

  • “Your Webinar was excellent.  I can’t wait to share this information with my reading team.” -Geri
  •  “Thank you for this class! My math coach and I found this valuable, and I cannot wait to get working on the steps with the teachers.” -Anne
  •  “I have learned SO MUCH from you and I so appreciate being chosen to be a part of this class. I just wish it could have been longer!” -Annette
  •  “Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I can’t wait to debrief with my peers when we meet this afternoon.  This was so informative.  I had a couple of major light bulb moments!!” -Lori
  •  “Just wanted to say WOW!! Thank you for your knowledge and helping me get seriously focused.  THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!” -Maria

Our clients had such FANTASTIC results following our planning session that I could not keep it under wraps!   So, while we typically keep our VIP classes private for our VIP groups, I felt compelled to offer this one to you.

You now have the opportunity to steal VIP stuff and get to success super quick!  Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn as you take this class with me…

Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013Here are the 6 Steps to Hitting the Easy Button and Planning the Entire School Year:

Step 1: Determine a Problem of Practice

Step 2: Brain dump everything that would need to happen in order to accomplish the Problem of Practice

Step 3: Sort your tasks into four columns: Research, This week, This month, This year

Step 4: Prioritized and numbered the tasks in each column

Step 5: Assigned times to each of the prioritized tasks and continued to whittle down the list

Step 6: On the calendar, plotted one task per day/week from each column for each month

 Below are just a few samples of your course materials!

Planning snip pic1_easy button


Calendar Snip 2_easy button


Brain Dump Snip pic3_easy button

There’s no “right” time or place to start…wherever you are in the year or in your work, hitting the easy button works!

Easy Button Image_10.2013

 Teal Check Mark Image_10.2013Here’s the scoop:

    • 1 hour and 15 minutes of never-before-seen class video from Jill Jackson in her no-holds-barred style!
    • Downloadable packet with full-page PowerPoint slides
    • Downloadable Planning Resource includes planning template that you can print and use right now
    • Private link and personal password that allows you to view the video again and again
    • Watch the video with your instructional coach and leadership team to get their input and increase their leadership power!
    • Peek into the interaction between Jill and her VIPs!

Yes!  I want to Hit the Easy Button and Get Started Planning My School Year!


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