One Minute with Jill

Hi!  I wanted to share some little nuggets of lessons learned and wisdom that I have learned through my years of supporting teachers, coaches and principals…and they became known as the “One Minute with Jill” video series.  These fifty (50!) one-minute segments are designed to give you a little boost of energy, clarity….and a bit of laughter, too!

80/20 Principle

Three Steps for Differentiating Comprehension

Get Over Your Fear of Teaching Writing

How Expert Teachers Lesson Plan

The #1 Advice I Give Teachers!

Struggling with Classroom Management

Three Ways to Mess up Good Instruction

Never Say “It’s Just Good Teaching”

Why Teaching Vocabulary Lists is a Big Waste of Time!

Comprehension vs. Critical Thinking

Three Sure-Fire Test Prep Skills

Activities are the Bane of Existence for Skill Building

How to De-Junkify Teaching

Should Instructional Coaching Be Required for All Teachers?

Teach Kids to Develop a Topic When Writing

Humor is the #1 Tool Teachers Should Develop

What’s the Deal with One Minute with Jill

Discipline and Classroom Management

The Big Myth about Teaching Critical Thinking

How to Restate the Thesis in the Conclusion

Has Close Reading Lost All Its Power?

I’m Leery of the Walk-to-Read Model

Too Much Background

What I Wish I Had Taught My Students!

Teach to the Last Day of School

Why Reading Interventions Usually Fail

Lesson Planning Hack

Read New Text Aloud

Another Overrated Education-ism

Don’t Shoot the Pacing Plan!

Teach the Formula, Not Just the Recipe

Novelty is Killing Mastery

Principals, Teachers and Trust

Process Writing, It’s a Thing of the Past!

HUGE A-ha About Text Structure

Don’t Take Their Word For It

Stop Complaining About a Short Summer

Accelerated Reader is So Misused in the Classroom!

How to Stop Dragging Home Writing to Grade

Four Ways to Differentiate Classroom Coaching

Differentiating Writing Instruction

When Kids Can’t Read Grade Level Text

Balance Informational and Narrative Text

Most Important Note-Taking Techniques to Teach

How Do I Build Trust as I Coach Teachers?

How to Teach Discussion to Kids Who Don’t Talk Much

Two Behaviors Every Class Must Be Taught

Advice for Teachers at the Beginning of the School Year

More Time Lesson Planning = Better Lessons?

How Do I Make Sure I’m a Good Coach?