How To Bring Your Struggling Readers To Grade Level…Quickly!

The Phonics Mastery Guides are the Tools You Need

The 11 Phonics Mastery Guides have been designed to close the phonics gaps of your struggling readers. No longer will you need to spend your nights and weekends planning what to do with your small groups.


Included with the guides is a quick, easy to administer assessment that will tell you exactly what guides your students need.


Each guide contains 20 explicit phonics lessons that build on one another ensuring your students reach mastery. Each lesson includes word work activities and decodables for your students practice the daily patterns they have learned.
Also included with each Mastery Guide is an assessment pack. Each pack includes an assessment for the phonics pattern and sight words taught. This quick assessment is administered after every 5 lessons.

Katie M. (Title 1 Teacher)

Thanks so much for the opportunity to learn about and utilize your WONDERFUL phonics program!! I am a Title 1 Teacher in a small district (Norway-Vulcan) through the DIISD.  I have 45 K-5th grade students on my caseload and only about 15-20 minutes per group.  Some groups I am lucky enough to see for 30 min, but not 5 days a week.  This resource is an absolute GAME CHANGER for me!!! The simplicity of it and most of all, the time it takes has changed my world in Title 1!! Thanks again!!

Lessons So Simple There is Literally No Prep

Each lesson has these sections:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Decoding
  • Sight Words
  • Word Work
Guide 1: CVC (20 lessons)
Guide 2: Consonant Blends (20 lessons)
Guide 3: Digraphs (20 lessons)
Guide 4: Long Vowels (20 lessons)
Guide 5: R-controlled Vowels (20 lessons)
Guide 6: Variant Vowels (20 lessons)
Guide 7: Low Frequency (10 lessons)
Guide 8: Open and Closed Multisyllabic Words (20 lessons)
Guide 9: Long Vowels Multisyllabic Words (20 lessons)
Guide 10: R-controlled Multisyllabic Words (20 lessons)
Guide 11: Consonant-le Multisyllabic Words (10 lessons)

What Real Teachers Are Saying

With 17 years of 1st and 2nd grade teaching experience, while working with a large number of ESL students, it was so difficult to find the time and a quality resource to help my struggling readers, until now!

The Mastery Guides paved the way for 76% of my students to achieve 1 years’ growth after only several months use! All of the planning is done for me and I am ready to implement; it really is that simple.
Moving forward, I plan to use the Mastery Guides for remediation and can’t wait to see what results I get after using the guides for a full year.

2nd grade teacher, Texas

I teach in an inner city, high poverty school district in Indiana. Before I discovered the Mastery Guides, I felt like a fish out of water as a teacher, constantly trying new things. It became very confusing with all of the information out there about teaching reading; I didn’t know what to choose to teach my students. I was tired of floundering, so I decided to take a leap of faith and jump in to using the Mastery Guides.

Within the first week and a half of using the Mastery Guides, a spark went off with my students. They began to look forward to our lessons and were, for the first time, interested in reading! One of my students went from reading 54 wcpm to 124 wcpm in 4 short months. I also have a student who is a selected mute who not only went from reading 31 wcpm to 65 wcpm, but also improved his accuracy. He is so excited and proud of himself!
The Mastery Guides couldn’t be easier. You just assess your students to determine their phonics gaps, grab the guide they need and begin to teach!
My confidence in teaching reading has skyrocketed. I feel like I finally know where to start with my students and that I can make a real difference!

2nd Grade Teacher, Indiana

I began implementing the Mastery Guides in my 4th grade urban classroom where the majority of my students are reading below grade level. I started using the Mastery Guides with 5 of my students who were reading on a 2nd grade level; four short months later and the guides have them reading 4th grade proficient!

My struggles and frustration to help find answers for the majority of my below-grade level students is finally over!
These guides provide me the tools I need to proactively begin each school year with the relief knowing every single student will leave my classroom reading on grade level, which has always been my goal. I know I can make that happen and it is truly exciting!

4th Grade Teacher, Ohio

Before I started using the Mastery Guides, I had 4 students reading roughly 20 wcpm and after just a few months using the guides, I had students reading 61, 80 and 90 wcpm

I’ve spent the previous 5 years scrambling to find and assemble random materials to help my struggling readers, but no longer!
I am so excited for the upcoming school year as the structured Mastery Guides give me a simple and effective outline and plan to follow. It’s all done for me and I am ready to go!

3rd Grade Teacher, Utah

Thousands of Students are Brought To Benchmark in These Schools and Districts

Wondering About the Research Base of the Mastery Guides?

Click here to download the Research Guide

Hi, my name is Jill Jackson and if you want to succeed with teaching your students to read, then pay very close attention!

Many teachers suffer from the idea that bringing a student who is below grade level up to grade level is near impossible. Believe me I know because I was one of them!

But nothing could be further from the truth.
I learned years ago what it takes to teach a student to read, even if they come from a home where they aren’t read to or get no support. I did it with student after student in the high poverty schools in which I taught.
I have spent the last 18 years working with districts, schools and parents teaching what the exact steps are to bringing a struggling reader to grade level. These Phonics Mastery Guides were developed to do just that! They are done for you, easy lessons that will close your students’ reading gaps.
And if you’re a teacher who wants to end the year with a classroom full of readers, then THIS is exactly what you’re looking for.

And What Makes This Even Better?

  • No lag time in getting the program and learning to teach it (it’s that simple)
  • No materials to prep (so you get to focus on the actual teaching)
  • No searching on Teachers Pay Teachers to find the perfect fit activity (it’s all there for you)
  • No waiting to see if the instruction “took” (students noticeably grow in Week 1)

The Phonics Mastery Guides hold the key to your success for teaching your students to read.  Claim them now!


  • Phonics Mastery Guides downloads for every teacher/interventionist/aide in your school
  • Quick-Start Guide and recording sheets for each user
  • Implementation pack
  • 1-Hour recorded setup call with Jill


Any questions?  Contact us at and we’ll be glad to help!