Warning: (gentle) rant coming! 

A phrase that I hear a lot in education is “it’s just good teaching.” Ugh. 

Not only do I find that phrase super annoying, but it’s also totally inaccurate! To me, it shows that whoever says that doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

Here are just a couple of reasons as to why I think “it’s just good teaching” is the worst thing that we can say in education:

  • First of all, good teaching is an actual thing! And it looks like this: 
    • Explicit instruction
    • Teach and model
    • Guided practice
    • Application
    • Feedback throughout

That is good teaching. That is teaching explicitly. That works!

  • Second, when we say things like “it’s just good teaching,” that gives cover for some questionable teaching techniques. If you have a technique that really works, call the technique by name! 

Don’t diminish good teaching and don’t dismiss the hard work of good teachers! 

Okay, rant: over. 

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