First off…if you need to get caught up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series before you read this installment, then just click the links – easy reading that packs a big punch!

So, we’re at our final post in this 4-part series.  I could post another 500 lists it seems – what I’ve provided you is woefully inadequate in the big picture.  BUT, in the short term picture, these lists really validate what is so important about teachers:  we are skilled, we are professional and we are always improving.  That’s what I love about our profession – it’s totally creative and totally in our control!  Yep – the quality of the teaching (by the way, that’s what matters most!) is within my control – and my kids are counting on me (on US!) to bring our best skills to the classroom every day.

Their success 100% depends on it.

So, take this last list where I share my must-dos in regards to delivering a lesson and rate yourself:

What are you great at?  What are you good at?  What do you need some help with?

Make THIS the year that you wholly commit to updating your teaching skills for the benefit of the kids you serve!

Must-Have Lesson Delivery Skills:

  • Teacher refers to Standard or objective as a lesson frame
  • Teacher provides an engaging introduction to the lesson
  • Teacher explicitly teaches the content (teach, model, guided practice, application)
  • Teacher provides high quality, academically-oriented feedback
  • Teacher adjusts pacing and content based upon feedback
  • Teacher uses, and requires students to use, the academic language from the lesson
  • Teacher regularly uses engagement techniques to monitor learning and check for understanding