This is the second installment of Must-Master teaching skills.  Check out Part 1 here!

My intent in producing these lists of must-master skills is to encourage every educator to take a look at the controllable, totally do-able (notice I didn’t say “easy”!) art of teaching.  It’s the art that helps the science (curriculum, resources, programs, interventions) reach all the way to each kid!

Here are your Must Master Engagement Skills

  • Teacher has consistently high expectations and continually reinforces 100% engagement/action
  • Teacher’s enthusiasm for the content is overt
  • Instructional focus/expectations are written and reviewed daily
  • Lessons are obviously explicit
  • Teacher’s pacing of the lesson is conducive to high engagement
  • Teacher’s engagement techniques enhance the content of the lesson
  • Teacher explicitly teaches the engagement techniques and continually practices them until firm
  • Teacher waits until 100% eyes are on him to give directions
  • Teacher has obvious and practiced signals for transitions, getting students’ attention and pulling the group together after a group, partner or independent activity