This is my first installment of a four-week series about the “must master” teaching skills!  I decided to put together as much of an exhaustive list as I could, detailing what an excellent teacher (one who gets real results in student achievement!) does.  Teaching is a science for sure, but it’s also an art form!

These four blogs help detail and keep us organized on perfecting the art of teaching.  What a challenge and what an honor!

Here are your Must-Master Teaching Skills for Classroom Management!

  • Expectations are posted and referred to
  • Classroom arrangement (desks, materials, entrance, storage) supports high expectations
  • Teacher materials management (clutter-free, equipment is functional) contributes to high expectations
  • Student materials management is routine and procedure-driven
  • Current student work is displayed attractively
  • Non-instructional routines (entering/exiting classroom, attendance, collecting materials) are practiced and expected
  • Instructional routines (partnering, responding in unison, note-taking, turning in work, putting headers on papers) are practiced and expected
  • Out of class routines and procedures (lining up, arriving at school, cafeteria, lunch line, restroom) are practiced and expected
  • Consequences for misbehavior are swift and consistent
  • Teacher has a system for regularly redirecting students
  • Teacher allows students to recover after behavior incident or redirection