So, check out my Must-Master Teaching Skills here and here to get all caught up!

This week’s installment are the Must-Master Teaching Skills for Lesson Preparation and Planning:

  • Teacher maintains academic paperwork and assignments
  • Teacher maintains non-academic paperwork and assignments
  • Teacher implements professional development quickly and reflects on its impact
  • Teacher knows how to review data
  • Teacher knows how to use data to make instructional decisions
  • Teacher knows how to use the district’s lesson planning system for planning
  • Teacher turns in thorough lesson plans on time
  • Teacher plans for differentiated instruction in every lesson
  • Teacher has a strong understanding of her content and related topics
  • Teacher carries out planned lessons
  • Teacher incorporates new techniques appropriately
  • Teacher lesson plans regularly with colleagues
  • Teacher plans ahead for engagement, transitions
  • Teacher has well-thought-out plan for physical, oral and written responses
  • Teacher has planned for lesson product and attached an assessment component
  • Teacher has a Plan B for when (not if!) the lesson goes awry
  • Teacher has planned to teach the behavior expectations that the lesson requires