I’ve been thinking a lot recently about vision and how vision is just vision without action.  Let me explain…

With a lot of the districts and schools we work alongside, they have so many focus areas and so many plans and so many next steps that their heads are spinning and they feel like they’re defeated before they’ve even begun! 

So, while it’s critical to get organized and identify a set of 3 or so goals that will drive the teaching, the collaboration and the data analysis for the school year, the goals/focus/vision isn’t enough I’m finding!

What to do?

Take a look at linking common practices to that vision.  In other words? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO LOOK LIKE WHILE WE’RE REACHING THIS VISION?  The “what are we going to look like” kind of stuff IS the common practice.

So, ask your staff these questions as you link your vision to common practice:

  1. What is our vision?  What are our goals?
  2. What will it look like when we’ve reached them?
  3. What are the “ways we should act” when we’re working toward those goals?
  4. What are ways that we can ensure that these common practices are actually happening?
  5. How will we know we’re on track with building common practices amongst staff?
  6. How will we know we’re off track?
  7. Are there models of other schools that have accomplished the goals we’re working toward?  What are their common practices?

Now I want you to come over to Facebook and leave a response to this question: How will linking your school/classroom vision to common practices propel you to success more quickly?  Click here www.facebook.com/jacksonconsulting to leave your response…I want to hear from you!!!