Just a quick thought for the day…

In my work this week, I had the absolute JOY of seeing no less than 4 people have a “lightbulb going off” moment…the “a-ha!”  It’s so exciting!

But I had a thought about it…

I find that the lightbulb moment comes when we’re searching for something – not when we’re stagnant or reminiscing about problems!

This week, the people who had the “a-ha” were trying to figure something out for their schools – they were looking for solutions to the a problem relating to the Common Core. 

When I think about times when I WISH I had an “a-ha” (whether personally or professionally!), I kept wishing….and nothing.  But it’s when I wasn’t really looking, but rather immersed in the work, that I was struck by lightening – and the lightbulb turned on.

So what’s the lesson?  Put your head down, work really hard…and watch the lightbulbs pop on!