The Story Behind Jackson Consulting


Jill began Jackson Consulting in 2005 to solve the growing frustrations related to literacy program implementation in PreK-12 schools.

The problem was this: folks adopted new materials, were told that the programs would work perfectly if they just used them as designed…and then the support system left town! 

Dedicated and skilled educators were thoroughly confused!

It wasn’t enough to have the curriculum, the teachers would be successful only as they became experts at using the materials!

What You Need To Know About Jackson Consulting:

  1. We have developed proven (notice I didn’t say easy!), step-by-step “must dos” for leaders.
  2. We aren’t talking heads with fancy forms and hard-to-follow suggestions.
  3. We have developed proven, step-by-step “must dos” for coaches.
  4. We aren’t “consultants” who are out of touch with your real world.
  5. We developed proven, step-by-step “must dos” for teachers.
  6. We do practice what we preach…and model it for you in your classroom.

Each and every one of our proven, step-by-step “must dos” lead to SUCCESS. EVERY TIME.  Now there’s no magic here…if you do your part, you WILL GET RESULTS.

Itching to talk to us right now?  What are you waiting for?

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