Our Mission


Our mission is to take what you have and help you expertly use it, all while improving teacher expertise and raising student achievement.

Our hearts and minds are set on serving the lowest socio-economic regions in the country.

We know that it’s not about “the stuff”, but about the quality of the moment-by-moment interactions between teacher and student.

We also help make school life simpler .  Many of our clients are inundated with multiple consultants from many firms – brought in to “help”. We support schools in organizing all of the work that they have to get done – prioritizing on what will have big effect is our specialty.

You see, our clients are SMART, but sometimes they need help cutting through the jungle of reform!

Serious commitment to achieving small goals along the way helps you go the long haul.  We help you figure out what those small steps  are and help hold you accountable to staying the course even when alternative routes seem flashy.

Our consulting team helps you answer these questions and get on the right track:

  1. We’ve opened all of the boxes of our reading/language arts series…um, now what?
  2. We are working like dogs and our scores aren’t going up, what can we do?
  3. Our experience and expertise is all over the place, how do we get on the same page so that we can give our best to the kids?
  4. We have about 99 different reform efforts going on, how do we organize for success?

Want to know more about how and why we do what we do?  Check it out: Jill is featured on Education News – check it out!

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