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Dear Jill,
All I can say is IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! LOL
I get so excited when I receive an email from you because I know it will be something very useful. – Dawn


LOVE the newsletters!!!!!! – Cindi


Jill,  I love your articles and common sense. I’m already slowing down and even trying to have a life.
– Thanks, Cindy 🙂


Loved your blog.  I can so relate.  Just had a conversation last night about the truth.  It fits right in with what you are saying. – Joan N.


Have loved and shared your last two articles.  The prereading article is such a good guide and the article on being lied to really hit home since we are always trying to solve every problem right now. – Roger


Great newsletter Jill! The subject really got my attention and I loved the story about the play.  The last part had definite and positive suggestions for doing the difficult. – Catherine


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