There’s no doubt that these days, no matter what class, kids are having to take in a ton of content. 

One of our biggest struggles is figuring out not only how to teach kids to take in a bunch of content… but then actually remember it too! 

In my experience, note taking needs to go way to the top of the priority list of things to teach kids so they can actually access the content and be able to remember it. 

Here are three things I think we need to teach students about note taking so they can take in the most important information: 

  1. What authors put at the beginning. Authors will often put the main points of what they’re going to say right at the very beginning, which will help your kids identify the most important points and structure their notes. 
  2. Look for repeated information! Authors repeat the most important stuff over and over again. 
  3. Lastly, look at where the author spends a lot of time. If the author overdevelops one thing, that’s probably important for kids to write down in their notes. 

For more info on how to teach student note taking, check out the books:

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