I want to talk to you briefly about how to take the junk out of your teaching. I hate to break it to you, and I had to break it to myself too, but a lot of the stuff we teach just isn’t necessary for kids to get to the mastery point.

So let’s de-junkify our teaching! Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What skill am I teaching today? In other words, what do I want kids to be able to take to the next classroom and be able to do skill-wise?
  1. What is the least amount of information that I need to share with my students for them to master the skill? Get to the meat of the lesson quickly and effectively.
  1. What information would be nice to give my kids but is not necessary for mastery? What is exciting, what will hook them in, what is fun? How much time do I spend on these parts of the lesson? Stay focused on mastery even when offering this extra information!

Next lesson, try it! I promise it will make a huge difference, it did for me when I made this same change in my practice.

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