Get Some Guts, Coach!

6 Steps That Every Instructional Coach, Team Leader, Mentor or Facilitator Must Take to Unleash True Coaching Power


The insider’s guide to turning your run-of-the-mill coaching job into a wildly powerful coaching practice that boosts teacher skill and student scores!

Without guts, coaches end up short-selling the content, undermining important instructional decisions and spending too much time focusing on things that are outside of the teacher’s control.

Here you have it… again!

You learned in Jill’s first book, Get a Backbone, Principal!, how to get rid of fancy educational jargon and replace it with simple, habitual, straightforward conversations that lead a school from less than stellar scores to off the charts student performance.

Well, she’s done it again…

BUT this time she’s talking to you, COACHES!

Jill wrote this book to once-and-for-all answer questions like these:

  • How do I coach without being evaluative?
  • What do I do with a weak administrator that won’t hold teachers accountable?
  • How do I build trust?
  • What if all I do is put out fires and never get to the actual coaching?
  • What does a successful coaching practice really look like?
  • How do I debrief a teacher and have him actually implement my advice?

This book is designed to support, nag, push and cajole instructional coaches into taking six very important steps:

  • Step 1: Get Focused
  • Step 2: Get Into a Flow
  • Step 3: Get to the Dance of the Debrief
  • Step 4: Get to the Heart of Teaching and Learning
  • Step 5: Get Some Thick Skin
  • Step 6: Get a Plan.

People are talking… and it’s looking good!

“I knew what I needed to do, but just needed someone to tell me how to do it! Thanks for all of your wonderful insight!”

“I love this. Thank you for addressing coaching head-on and providing me with practical and doable solutions.”

“Practical, clear and concise information for coaching. This is an area that can be difficult, but you make the difficult seem possible.”


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