When I was getting started in teaching, I used to feel super insecure about how to teach writing. Because of my fear, I’d even say ridiculous things to my kids, like “just write more.” Cringe! What was I thinking? Totally inefficient.

Then one day, I realized that anyone who’s a good writer – or anyone who’s good at anything, really – has a defined, taught, and practiced process.

Students need the same when we teach writing! 

It was my job to get over my fear of teaching writing by figuring out what the process for writing was.

Here are some things to think about to help you to get over your fear of teaching writing:

  1. What skills do I need to be able to teach to my kids?
  2. What are the fundamental skills that my kids need to know? And what are the skills I just wish they had? Get down to teaching the fundamental skills. 

I realized that if I could deconstruct the skill of teaching writing into little manageable chunks, I could teach it. And so can you!

For more help and tips on how to get over your fear of writing as a teacher so that you can create a love of writing in your students, check out these books:

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