If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have a true passion for the art of engaging students in instruction – there’s always room to grow for any of us! I demonstrated lessons in middle school and high school recently and was reminded how even the “older” students need constant reminders of their responsibility in the learning. I had a colleague of mine observe me teaching and jot down the particular phrases that I consistently use as I work to increase the engagement and intensity of any lesson and here are a few:

Cue words to ask for attention

  • “As you put your attention on me…”
  • “All eyes up front…”
  • “Here we go…”
  • “We are all ready to move on…”
  • “Alright, and we’re off!”
  • “Thanks for turning your attention to me…”
  • “Tell your partner to turn to me…”

Start only when you have attention

  • “I am waiting for your attention…”
  • “I’ll wait for you…”
  • “We are losing our passing period…”
  • “I’ll just wait until you’re ready…”
  • “This is your time you’re wasting now…”

Which do you think you’ll try this week?