Frequently Asked Questions

We love what we do – and we love working with motivated and excited educators who are trying to change things for kids… just like YOU do!  From a customer service perspective, our #1 goal is to serve you in a very personalized and uncomplicated way.  We want to be your SOLUTION, not your frustration!

We customize all of our services and work directly with you to provide a highly specific and targeted professional development and on-site support experience – we take great care in steering clear of a “big box store” type experience.  (Lots of “big box store”-type consulting firms give you generic materials, lack consistency of message from consultant to consultant and leave you stranded as you apply their professional development information)

But, even though we customize and work directly with you, there are some questions we’re asked quite often… so take a look and see if these help get some of your questions answered.  When you’re done, though, be sure you drop us a line here so that we can set up a consultation with you – that’s where our best work starts taking shape.  (Oh, and it’s complementary!)

How do we get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with us is be sending us an email at . Seriously – everything in our world goes through that email address… it’s our priority to answer any inquiry quickly!


Can we fax a purchase order?

Of course! Dial (888) 586-4862 and press “send” when you hear the message

Do you accept purchase orders for books?

Yes we are happy to accept POs from districts, regional centers and state departments! Please fax them to (888) 586-4862 (press “send” when you hear the message begin) or email the PO to .

How do we book Jill or the team for speaking and trainings?
Can we copy your material?

All of our material is under copyright restrictions. If you are interested in copying a portion of our documents for training, please send us an email at .