One of the things that I hope you’ll spend a considerable amount of time thinking about is the quality of instruction. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, a curriculum director, a Superintendent, a coach or an instructional aide, the one thing that you should spend the most time talking about, thinking about and mulling over is the quality of the instruction that you are providing to kids.

Improving the quality of instruction is 100% in your control and it 100% matters in terms of getting kids up to benchmark! You see, here’s the really good news: you don’t have to worry about the kids you get to improve the outcomes of your teaching! The outcomes of your teaching are YOUR BUSINESS! In fact, you can make up your mind right now to get better scores next year.

The kids do what you expect them to do. And if you have high expectations for your students, it’s because you’ve planned for them to do certain things, learn certain things and produce certain things.

One of the least studied part of instruction and perhaps the most important is lesson preparation and planning. (I know, it’s a pretty boring topic…snooze!) Lesson planning is determining what I’ll teach. Lesson preparation is determining how I will teach it. Spending time on lesson prep and lesson planning is absolutely 100% worth your time and energy. It’s the very heart of where excellent instruction sits. Without it, you’re winging it. And winging it type of instruction just doesn’t work! I know because I’ve seen it…and seen the disastrous results!

So, in honor of the fact that lesson preparation and planning are so crucial to your teacher performance and your student’s performance, I’m giving you this free resource – click below to unlock the very things that WILL help you get fantastic results in the next school year. Don’t delay!

Click here or cut and paste the following link into your browser for your Preparation and Planning Checklist!  https://jackson-consulting.com/wp-content/uploads/file/Free%20Resources_Checklist%20for%20Lesson%20Planning,%20Preparation%20and%20Delivery.pdf