Hey guys!

I just wanted to share with you a resource that I hope you’ll find helpful as you implement the Common Core.  Here are some guiding questions for you to use at your school – these will help get the “gunk” out of the way before you get implementing!  It’s necessary!


What have we done so far in our CCSS efforts?  What history do we have in implementation across the departments?


What direction do we have from the district?  What support do we have from the district?


What are the inhibitors to our work on the CCSS?  Is there residual debris from other efforts that we need to clean up?


What are our monthly goals for implementation?  Will we have school-wide plans?  Will we have department-wide plans?


How will the plan be shared with the staff?  School-wide?  By teams?  By department?


How do we mobilize teachers to own and author the plan?


What will our assessments look like?  Do we already have assessments that we can use for development or do we develop brand new assessments?


How will we team to develop the benchmark assessments?  How will we collect and monitor assessments?


How will we handle unit/lesson development?  What do we have in place?  How will we collect/monitor the lesson we’ve developed?


What is our monitoring plan? How will the Leadership Team “walk the deck?”  What are our “CCSS implementation benchmarks?”

Then, you’ll find a planning tool that will allow you to get started aligning your current curriculum to the Common Core. 

Click here to download the resource!!!