I’ve done quite a bit of talking about 20 Look Fors when you’re observing teachers (you can access a couple of blog posts on this here and here!) and one of the things I’m constantly asked is, “Can you share your observation forms with me?”

Well, truth be told, my “observation form” usually consists of a college lined notebook paper and a random pen from the bottom of my purse.

Yep – I’m THAT fancy!  Ha.

What I really know is that oftentimes formal observation forms get in the way of what I’m trying to capture: useable data that I can share with a teacher to open a conversation about how the impact of what they’re delivering/how they’re delivering instruction to kids!

If I do have to use a formal observation for or I want to, I’ll usually take my note first on a sheet of lined paper and then translate my notes AFTER the observation to formalized debriefing/note-taking sheet.  It just makes much more sense that way for me…and I don’t end up totally just checking boxes for no good reason!

So, check out these observation forms and give ’em a whirl…keep in mind that the goal of using these VERRRRRRY simple forms is to gather information that is important to the quality of teaching.