Today I want to give you four ways that you can differentiate coaching for teachers in the classroom! 

  1. Frequency – What is the frequency of your visits? How often do you visit? 
  2. Time – How long do your visits actually take? Sometimes they’re a 15 minute stop in, sometimes they’re 45 minutes if you’re doing a planning session. 
  3. Style – Think about differentiating for style. Do you sit and do a planning session with a coach? Do you go in and observe a master teacher? Do you demonstrate while they observe and take notes and then later you debrief? 
  4. Content – Look at the content. What is the most pressing need that that teacher has that you can focus on? Are you going into the classroom to focus on history content when in reality they need classroom management support first?

By differentiating by frequency, time, style, and content, you are ensuring that you don’t have a one size fits all coaching practice – and that’s a really good thing! 

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