September 5 & 6



A Great American Training Day Event

On September 5-6, 2019 Jill Jackson will deliver her 2-day

How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything Training

via telecast live in HD from Los Angeles to 40 locations nationwide.

Your school district will be one of 40 host sites in the United States! Reduce your training cost, work around travel restrictions, save time, and pack out the room with YOUR team to experience the coaching model Jill has developed, tested and refined over the past 17 years with hundreds of districts and schools.

The New Coaching Opportunity

The New Coaching Opportunity

As the leader of your instructional coaching team, you have the opportunity to build a team so powerful and on-the-same-page-as-you that you can literally put your vision, curriculum or initiative in their hands, have them take it back to their staff and get teachers working to implement your ideas…quickly and simply.

No buy-in building, no waiting-to-be-invited-into-the-classrooms or using fancy questioning techniques to try to get teachers to solve their own problems.

In order to get fast results, the coaching model has to be incredibly simple.

Mobilizing Your Team to Confidently Step Into Your New Coaching Opportunity

Mobilizing Your Team to Confidently Step Into Your New Coaching Opportunity

In order to mobilize your team, they need a practical, step-by-step guide to set them in your new direction:

  • How to differentiate coaching based upon teacher skill and attitude
  • How to set a coaching calendar based upon the needs of each teacher
  • How to approach a teacher for coaching without being awkward and weird
  • How to collaborate with the principal/coach so that you don’t confuse or freak-out teachers
  • How to debrief a teacher so that they take immediate action in their classroom every time
  • How to diagnose and work with crabby, closed or resistant teachers

And that’s exactly what they will learn how to do on September 5-6, 2019 at our How to Coach Teachers to Teach Almost Anything Training. Your team will experience “fast” and “simple” at its finest!

Feedback from our Last Coaching Telecast

Feedback from our Last Coaching Telecast

“Thanks for this coaching model! Thanks for reminding us that although we love our calendars and our planning, we have to quit with the planning and go get started!!! I hear your voice in my head every time I get out my colored pens and sticky notes and try to overcomplicate things!”

– Instructional Coach in Louisiana

“It felt engaging because we could interact with Jill more regularly than we would be able to if we were participants in a large-group training.”

– Assistant Superintendent in Washington

“Jill, you always give me the information I need at the moment I’m struggling.”

– District Coordinator in Alaska

“As a principal I feel I should have taken those in need of intensive assistance all along… this really is a very effective, simple system I can use to get back on track.”

– Principal in Louisiana

“This is so simple and easy to follow!”

– Instructional Coach in South Dakota

“I appreciated being able to talk through ideas with those around me while I was thinking of them, but didn’t feel rude for interrupting. Texts still allowed me to feel connected with Jill.”

– Instructional Coach in Montana

“Jill is awesome! Her practical take on addressing teacher needs is helping us to chip away at larger problems in order to improve the school as a whole.”

– Instructional Coach in Michigan

“This is great! We are having stimulating conversations around our systems approach with all of our regional principals, principals and instructional coaches in the room!”

– Regional Director in British Columbia

The Details

The Details

$7,500.00 per host site prior to July 1 | $8,500.00 per host site July 1 or after
$95.00/participant for materials (includes shipping)

As a telecast host site, you will also receive:

  • A 30 Minute Private Strategy Session with Your Leadership Team and Jill Jackson to position this training within your professional development plan
  • Text access to Jill during the 2-day training and for 48 hours following
  • 20+ How-to Videos for Continuing PD for Coaches
  • Host Site Super Pack

How to Become a Host Site

We have limited the number of host sites for this event. We want to get to know you to make sure this is a good fit for your team.

Jill Jackson

(Jill writes the stuff and trains the people)

Michael Jackson

(Michael thinks big and makes the trains run on time around here)

Allison Strovas

(Allison is our 5-star client concierge and lead problem solver)

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