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You guys.  I used to SKIP TEACHING WRITING ALL OF THE TIME because I didn’t know how to do it well.  It was like, “Oh, we have an assembly in 20 days from now…I better now teach writing today.”  (I’m exaggerating only a little.)

No one wants to teach what they don’t know how to teach well.

And it even cropped up in my training work because teachers had a lot of questions about teaching writing, but I side-stepped them when I was really wishing I felt confident enough to help them on a real practical level.  Well that all changed for me when the Common Core Standards came to be (love ’em or hate ’em, those standards forced me to learn a lot about things I should’ve already known!).

I did some digging on the writing research and how much writing instruction needed to change.  Spoiler alert: how I was taught to teach writing in college (however minimal) isn’t going to serve our students well.

So…I did a lot of work to figure out an alternative! that would literally double the impact of my writing instruction.  I hope this helps you as much as it has freed me!


If you’re looking for practical resources related to doubling your writing impact, then this ought to help!